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Curbing the overwhelm

This is the first blog post of 2021. Life has been terribly busy. I've relocated to Central Otago, got my head around starting a business, started teaching again and sometimes it has been overwhelming, and very very exhausting. But that is what teaching is, isn't it - there is just so much going on at any one time, a giant mental pile of tasks that we have to get through and then someone (or something) else has to be added on to the top of that pile that happens to be quite major.

Covid lockdowns are pretty major (understatement) as we have to adapt to teaching online which is a HUGE adjustment. We need to be mentally and physically prepared to teach in different ways, but more importantly our students need to know how to navigate the digital space so they are actually prepared for school online.

Digital Technologies Curriculum is also major. If you are not confident in your abilities to use technology in the classroom then this is a huge overwhelm. You may feel like you are drowning in a fast flowing river, only just keeping your head above water. Don't worry, I'm in a lot of classrooms and so many teachers feel that way, and they are really unsure about where on Earth to start.

Workload is another major issue, so much so that I burned out a few years ago and thought that I may have to give up my love of teaching for my health. I am so grateful that I found ways to work around the workload and make life more streamlined, easier.

The good news is that all of these main three issues can be solved at once. Increasing your use of digital technology in the classroom streamlines your workload, covers the Digital Curriculum and is needed in case of a lockdown. I know that it takes a ton of energy to find the time to get your head around new learning, especially when you have playground duty, coach a sports team, are in charge of assembly this week, need to get your testing done, have multiple staff meetings to attend, are organising camp/choir/production/meet the teacher evenings... Argh! It's enough to make you want to go far far away!

The beauty of me teaching in your classroom is that it is no extra effort for you. No mental or physical energy required. Just sit down with your class, learn with them and enjoy them for a while. Wouldn't that be just heavenly?

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