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The App is in the pipeline!

I've discovered that creating an app takes time, a lot of time! I am currently in the middle of creating the basic version to get help out there as quick as possible. The app is designed to do the teaching for you, either show the tutorials to a group of students (or one student who may need to catch up) or mirror the app on your TV or interactive screen and use it for whole class teaching.

Some of the basics in the app will be free. Learning to navigate the iPad and staying safe online are two important elements of effectively teaching how to use digital devices, and these lessons will be accessible for no charge. You will be able to subscribe to whatever lessons you prefer after that and have progressive video tutorials plus SUPPORTING PLANNING all done for you! Just print it off and add to your planning folder!

If you have anything that you would like included in the app - maybe a specific app or programme that you'd like your students to learn then please email me so that I can get some tutorials made for you.

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