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Oh, the options!

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If you are in the Otago or greater Southland area you can book me to come and spend a day at your school teaching digital technology to your students.  I can spend a day in one classroom or spend the time going from class to class in your syndicate or whole school (depending on number of classrooms). This has been highly successful in the Invercargill area and is the most effective way for me to connect with you and your class.  Booking a visit comes with detailed DTC unit plans used for an additional $10.


Zoom teaching lessons

Book for a block of Zoom meetings with your class.  I will teach the class over Zoom and you have the benefit of immediate troubleshooting and problem solving with your students.  It's also a personal way for me to connect with your classroom.  You also have access to teacher notes and troubleshooting tips.  Zoom teaching comes with full email support for as long as you need it.

Digital Teaching app

If you are outside the area then the app would be perfect for you.  The videos are intended for you to play to the students so that you can learn alongside them, and are listed progressively so that each lesson builds on the last one.  You have the option of either choosing an app or tool that you'd like to know more about at a deeper level, or choosing the apps that would work best at your teaching year level.  Each set of lessons comes with teacher notes and troubleshooting tips. 


Join the blog and feel free to ask questions or make comments - you won't be the only one who has a particular problem and it's great to get into a supportive community that works around what you need.

Email or chat

Have a quick question?  If you are a member of the site you are welcome to send an email or use the chat feature and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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