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Why schools use Digiteach

It's great to have you here.  If you are looking for an easy way to teach your students how to use apps and digital devices then this is your place to be.  


There are lots of companies who provide professional development in technology.  They are often very expensive and are IT people who are sharing their knowledge.  These companies don't always know what works for teachers when they are actually teaching their students, and they sometimes 'talk to the tech'.  Although there are a lot of teachers already going digital in their classrooms, other companies sometimes forget that some of us (or most of us) aren't naturally techie minded and aren't sure how to start at the very beginning.  There are techie people who teach, and there are teachers who have the technology skills and know how to actually use it in the classroom.  I am the latter.

Too often, us teachers don't have time (or the energy) for professional development, and when we do have the time we become really inspired to take what new knowledge we have learned back to the classroom.  And then life happens. 


You have to change your timetable because there is a school visitor, your devices aren't charged (or you don't have enough devices), the children aren't experts at navigating these devices and you realise that you need to back track first to get everyone on the same page.  Then you can't exactly remember how the app/program/or whatever PD you were doing works and are worried that you won't be able to successfully teach your students, and it all gets too hard.


I'm a teacher.  I know about all of these issues because I spent 12 years in a classroom.  Time is so precious, things change at the drop of a hat - and if someone tells you that you need to implement new ways of learning then it's another task in the enormous pile of 'stuff' that you are drowning under.

When you work with Digiteach the hard part is done for you.  You can use the teaching videos directly with your students in either whole class situations or in groups, and you will start at the very beginning to catch all of those gaps in the children's learning.  Students have said to me so many times "I know how to use..." and I nod and smile and of course say that they will be the expert when they go through the teaching with everyone else.  These particular kids explain every time 'This is cool!'.  Although they may have learned by having a go, or followed tutorials they miss the fundamentals of why we use the app or device for this purpose or how to build block code by scratch for example.

The big difference with Digiteach is that I take care of the teaching and you can learn alongside your students.  The pressure is off and there is someone to help you troubleshoot as you go.

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