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Welcome to Digiteach

Creating successful digital outcomes

Using digital technology can be overwhelming, and learning new apps and skills is downright painful when you don't have the basics covered.  There is nothing to build on, it's like trying to install windows in a new house without the frame or the foundation.

The problem

If you aren't familiar with the technology there can be a lot of fear around using it.  Do your staff or students avoid using digital technology?  Is there resistance in the ranks?  Initially, this can be because of lack of skills, but underneath that translates to fear.  Fear of getting it wrong, fear of pushing the wrong button, fear of being seen as incompetent.  

Unfortunately, when someone experiences this feeling it often leads to giving up and thinking 'I'm dumb' and we need to change that narrative.  Just because someone struggles with technology does not mean they are lacking in brain matter, and we need to support them in their learning journey.

Would it be natural to think 'I'm not smart because I don't know how to service a car'?  Of course not!  Someone needs to teach how to service the car and they need to start at the very beginning.  Technology is exactly the same.

When someone struggles with digital technology they are not aware of the beautiful way it can help us connect, explore new things, and just make our lives more enjoyable! 


Our Vision

It is our vision to ensure that every single person has the opportunity to be successful, whether they are looking to learn to increase chances of employment, working in a business, learning in a classroom or retired.  Everyone is entitled to the opportunity to be able to access digital tools.

Starting on this journey can be tricky.  Many people just don't know where to start and how to incorporate it WITHOUT THE EXTRA WORK.  This is what I do best.  Let me personalise your learning to create success.  

Investing in yourself, your students or your staff is easy when you have full support and advice that is suited to your individual needs.

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