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Ideas for the start of the year

In the past, the 'All about Me' or 'Getting to know you' activities has been a writing activity - and rightly so, but we can also take that a step further and add a digital element to it.

I hope you are already using Book Creator because it is such a fantastic open ended digital resource that can be used at any age. It can also be used on both iPads and Chromebooks, making it a valuable part of your classroom tool kit. If you sign up to Book Creator online, as a teacher you are allowed a total of 50 books in your library, so easily enough for each student in your class. You are able to see all books and edit if needed and if you run out of room then export the completed books, either as a PDF for printing, or as a video if you have voice overs in the book.

You can create templates and share them as an 'epub' with your students which means that they can continue editing as normal. Sharing is easy using Airdrop, and if you are not sure how to Airdrop instructions can be found here. It is super easy and really useful! You can use this template for the beginning of the year. Download, airdrop or share the link for downloading and edit away. Add your own text to complete the sentences, add images or illustrations and don't forget to have the students add snippets of information via voice over, then you can save as a video and share online.

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