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Get on top of your Gmail

How do you feel when you walk into your classroom on a Monday morning? Do you feel fresh and organised or feel like you are just treading water? In order to be the best teacher for our students we need to look after ourselves and take away unnecessary overwhelm (which we all deal with on a daily basis).

You want to start Term 4 afresh, but your inbox has 3217 unread messages!  It is depressing seeing the unopened mail count every day, and you need to clear your inbox and get it working efficiently again. Delete unread/unwanted mail Deleting emails doesn’t have to be extremely tedious, and can be done in bulk.  Select the email that you would like deleted, then go up to the ‘More’ dropdown menu and select ‘Filter messages like these’.

A box will appear on your screen, but you don’t need to use it.  Click somewhere else to get rid of the box.

You will see all emails from that sender on the one page.  Select all emails and delete.

This will help you delete unwanted emails safely in bulk, or alternatively you can ‘Mark them as read’ if you want to keep them.  Don’t forget to unsubscribe to the email address if you no longer want to receive them before you delete.

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