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The Digital Technologies Curriculum is upon us! Us teachers have been asked to use this curriculum in our classrooms but so many of us see it as just another thing to add to the mounting list of other super hero skills we need in the classroom.

There are teachers that are techie minded who have taken to the digital age with gusto, and they are already flying. They have added digital elements and have the confidence to try new things because they have that 'nous'. They have enough know how and experience to troubleshoot on the go and can see where technology fits in the scheme of things. These are the teachers that are using robots, coding, movies and loads of other digital tools to take their students to a new level.

Then there are the rest of us. We might be able to navigate a computer but including digital technology in our classroom is a very daunting task. Who on Earth has the time to get our heads around this very different way of learning let alone teach it to our students, or you may already be using some apps in your classroom but just feel that it's not really improving the students' learning. If you fall into one of these categories then this website is for you.

Invercargill has been extremely blessed, because their Licensing Trust has funded a teaching position to enable all students, teachers and management to have full support in digital learning. Invercargill is the only area in New Zealand that has been able to give their schools this type of support. That support includes PD for teachers, troubleshooting, keeping teachers informed with what is happening in the digital classroom, and most importantly modelling how to teach it to their students and how to integrate it seamlessly into their classroom programme. These classroom visits have been extremely successful because teachers have had the opportunity to learn alongside their students - it's PD without the hassle of finding time outside the school day and also takes away the pressure of teachers having to teach something that they are not comfortable with, yet.

I have been this supporting all staff and students for four years now and I have worked alongside teachers to increase their use of digital technology in ways that works for them. Every teacher is different, so their teaching or digital work should be personalised so that they are able to continue with some confidence. Staff skills have ranged from not knowing how to connect their email account on their phone (or not even checking their emails) to having some skills but are overwhelmed by the choice of digital tools or afraid to start teaching them because they are not confident enough to troubleshoot along the way.

My timetable has been booked solid for at least a term in advance, and the thanks and comments that I get show that this is a really valuable service and it definitely makes a great positive impact on both the learning and on task behaviour of their students. I've had teachers from outside the Licensing Trust area ask if I can work with them, but I am contracted to work in Invercargill City area so I am not able to help them. I want to change this.

Digiteach has been set up to support teachers, students, management and support staff outside the Invercargill area. I want to be able to help you, and see the awesome results that this support gives to your classroom.

So before we go any further, what type of digital teacher are you? Take this quiz and find out!

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